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Why FDI shuns Malaysia?

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Malaysia FDI dropped 85% last year, a new record in our history.

There are three main reasons behind this,

1. The widespread corruption and red tape in the government. PM Najib himself was shocked when he was told Malaysian officials had rejected 30,000 headcount contact center investment by an Indian company.

2. Although NEP-based foreign investment policy was abolished last year, but the permanent damage was done.

3. Low educational standard. How many % of new graduates in Malaysia can speak good English as their counterparts in Philippine?

Convergys unveils biggest global site in RP

By Tom S. Noda Computerworld Philippines October 22, 2009

Convergys opened in the Philippines on Thursday its latest and largest contact center facility in the world, which brings its total number of contact centers to 83 with 70,000 employees.

Located in Glorietta 5 in Makati City, the outsourcing firm’s newest site has 3,500 employees and 2,041 seats with a floor space of 17,000 square meters. It is the company’s 12th contact center facility in the country since 2003.

“This is the biggest facility and biggest in terms of Convergys’ investment in any of our sites around the world,” […]