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Sturgeon breeding should be promoted

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I refer to the letter, “Negative impact of fish farm” by S. M. Mohamed Idris. He has a valid point on a legal issue for importing sturgeon which is against the Fisheries Act 1985 – Fisheries Regulations (Prohibition of import etc, for fish) (Amendment) 2011.

The law has to be amended first before any party is allowed to import the species for any purpose. Felda, a government-linked company has to abide by the law like other companies under the principle of the rule of law.

Actually, Felda is not the first company to bring in sturgeon to Malaysia, there are other companies had imported sturgeon for breeding purpose as reported in the local newspapers some time ago.

Sturgeon from the fish farm is a commercial fish commonly available in the wet markets in China. The fish is no longer on the brink of extinction and under the red alert protection list.

Caviar harvested from the sturgeon is a lucrative business, a new blue sea industry for Malaysia to escape from the middle-income trap.

Sturgeon breeding is no different than other fish breeding like African tilapia, an alien species if the breeders have […]