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Cyberwar got nothing new as it had happened during the first Iraq war

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I was told by an antivirus expert that all radars sold to Iraq were planted with virus codes or secret back doors. Western powers activated computer viruses hidden in the radar system to destroy Saddam Hussein’s military radars before invasion.

Malaysia should engage antivirus experts to screen and check its military hardwares are free from malicious codes.

Also, the expert told me Windows OSs have secret back door for Microsoft to enter your PC unnoticed.

Flame virus prompts Microsoft to boost Windows security


Boston: Discovery of the Flame virus that mainly affected computers in the Middle East, has prompted Microsoft Corp to strengthen the security of a Windows program that helps customers secure their PCs and update software.

Mike Reavey, senior director of the Microsoft Security Response Center, said in a blog post that the world’s biggest software maker plans to boost security measures on the Windows Update software that is included with the operating system that runs the majority of the world’s PCs.