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How many new species still not discover in our jungles?

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How many entomologists in Malaysia? I believe less than five entomologists in entire nation.

The amateur photographer’s name, Guek Hock Ping will be used for naming the insect if he can submit the sample submission with the help of local entomologist.

Insect species discovered via Flickr photo

Social media credited with ‘cybertaxonomy’ for Malaysian green lacewing CBC News

This photo, taken by amateur photographer Hock Ping Guek in Malaysia and posted to Flickr, shows a previously unclassified species of green lacewing. (Hock Ping Guek/Flickr)

A Malaysian man’s photo of a bug with an eye-catching wing pattern has led to the accidental discovery of a new insect species, after an entomologist on another continent stumbled upon the picture on the popular photo-sharing website Flickr.

Photographer Hock Ping Guek said he first came across the green lacewing in the Malaysian rainforest last year. Struck by its beauty, he snapped a photo and watched it flutter away, later posting the photo online through Flickr.

When Shaun Winterton, a senior entomologist at the California Department of Food and Agriculture, stumbled across the photo while browsing the web, he was perplexed. The splashes of blue […]