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Do you jump into a drain to save someone?

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More narrow drain, its water current is more stronger according to fluid dynamics. I did crossing about 10-feet wide drain during the flooding in a palm oil plantation during my military training. You will be washed away if your both hands not holding tight a big rope, I felt the current flow is like two or three adults pulling my body. A row of water bubbles on both palms after crossing the narrow drain.

Jumping into the drain with raging flood waters is like commit suicide. I will not jump into such drain to save someone. Most I can do is finding a stick or rope for the victim to hold on it. This is the best effort you can do under such circumstances.

Body of man who tried to save drowning girl located

KUCHING: The body of a petrol station worker, who jumped into raging flood waters to save a girl in Batu Lintang on Tuesday, has been located.

Herman Sinas, 29, was found in a drain that leads to Sungai Maong at about 8.30am Saturday some 2km from where he tried to save Kho Ying Qi.

Kho, a Form Six student, […]