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If Kelantan is not under PR, PR will blame BN for the floods

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This picture taken on December 24, 2012 shows a bird’s eye view of flooded streets in the Malaysian town of Kuantan (AFP)

The change of weather pattern is partly to blame for floods. The flood in my village’s town center used to happen every 30-40 year, but now is happened in every 2-3 year cycle.

Keep on burning more fossil fuel and rejecting nuclear and hydro power at all costs, more floods in bigger scale will strike in Malaysian and other nations in future after the global warming is ran out of control.

Besides the cause of mother nature, the poor maintenance of sewage system in the cities and towns in Malaysia aggregate the floods.

Thousands flee Malaysia floods, dam wall broken

(AFP) – 16 hours ago

KUALA LUMPUR — Floods triggered by torrential monsoon rains in Malaysia forced almost 14,000 people to flee their homes and seek shelter at relief centres, the official Bernama news agency said Wednesday.

Heavy rain coinciding with high tide flooded hundreds of homes in three northeastern states — Terengganu, Pahang and Kelantan — with some 13,746 people moved to evacuation centres, it said amid forecasts of […]