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China makes USD 5 only for each iPhone sold to you

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Let think about exploitation behind the Apple’s products sold to consumers if you are Apple fan.

Apple’s suppliers in China like Foxconn has pushed its workers to crazy because of super thin margin for manufacturing outsourcing works.

There were more than 10 reported cases of Foxconn worker committing suicide by jumping down from their hostels in year 2010 alone. How about unreported incidents?

How much iPhone price in Malaysia? I take the average price at RM2500 or USD830. USD 5 is about 0.6% of iPhone retailing price in Malaysia.

The workers in Foxconn or elsewhere in Asia are iSlave for Apple Inc, this statement is not exaggerated with such a meager margin paid to sweatshop manufacturers.

A Hong Kong’s NGO launched a protest against Apple and Foxconn when the first Apple retail store was opened in Hong Kong.