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Apply Lean concept on the food supply chain

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It’s high time to apply lean concept developed by Toyota to achieve zero waste on our food supply chain. Toyota has transformed into a world-class company with its zero waste production system.

In UK, it’s estimated 30% of food is wasted in the supply chain from production to consumption cycle. Although there is no study on this subject in Malaysia, the finding by CAP is not a surprise to me.

Eliminate wastes or non-value added processes in the food supply chain with lean concept will save trillion dollars in food production cost and also save billion of poor people in the third word from the chronic famine.

Our shameless waste of food

N.V. Subbarow had a curious itch last month to check out the trash cans of every major hotel and some restaurants in the city, to see how much food was being thrown out.

So one fine night, the veteran Consumers Association of Penang (CAP) officer found himself going around the island with disposable gloves, literally rummaging through garbage bins in the back alleys of these establishments.

And what he saw confounded him. Everywhere he went, there were heaps upon heaps of […]