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Food wasted on the dining tables in China can feed 7 X Malaysia population

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The food wasted on the dining tables in China due to “save face” culture by ordering more food than can be consumed.

15% food wasted on the dining tables in China can feed 200 million people or seven times the size of Malaysia population is a mind boggling.

The losses are 100 billion ringgit per year in the monetary term.

Malaysians are also in the same pandemic with tons of food wasted each day in the households, canteens, restaurants, hotels, etc.

The wastage mentioned above is only a fraction of food total wastage in the entire food supply chain from the harvest, storage, processing and distribution to the hands of consumers.

In British, a study says 1/3 of foods in UK are wasted in the entire supply chain. The percentage will be higher in China with “save face” culture is too prevalent amongst the Chinese citizens.

No poor people in the third world have to live in starvation if the food wastage in the world is cut down by 10%.

Lean Six Sigma is a perfect management tool to tackle wastes in the food or product supply chain.

Food wasted in China can […]