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Forced labor is caused by UMNO cronies

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I’m fully agree with the report, the forced labor problem in Malaysia is mainly caused by UMNO cronies who bring in unlimited foreign labors for lucrative commission through approved permit system.

Malaysian workers are made jobless also unless they want to receive low salary as foreign workers.

Report: ‘Forced labour’ rife in Malaysian electronics factories


KUALA LUMPUR: Nearly a third of some 350,000 workers in Malaysia’s electronics industry – a crucial link in the international consumer supply chain – suffer from conditions of modern-day slavery such as debt bondage, according to a study funded by the US Department of Labour. The survey by Verite, an international labour rights group, found that abuse of workers’ rights – particularly the tens of thousands from low-wage countries like Nepal, Myanmar and Indonesia – was rife in a US$75bil (RM241.4bil) sector that is a mainstay of the south-east Asian country’s export-driven economy.

Several United States, European, Japanese and South Korean multinationals have operations in Malaysia, including Samsung Electronics Co Ltd, Sony Corp, Advanced Micro Devices, Intel, and Bosch Ltd.

Some big brands use suppliers such as Flextronics, Venture Corporation, Jabil Circuit, and JCY […]