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Malaysians are over dependent on maids

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Except for those families with elderly person and weak patient need to be attended by a maid or helper, there is no dire need to hire maid if we know how to manage our household matters efficiently and effectively.

A KL multimillionaire friend fired his Indon maid after he found out her maid brought her lover into his house for fun during his office hours. His household did not break apart without the presence of a maid since then. His son and daughter were trained up to clean their own school shoes from primary one, and therefor no maid is needed to pamper them.

I did know a maid is asked by her employer to polish glass windows everyday. The house is in the new village, not the 5-star hotel, such daily cleaning is unnecessary job except to torture the maid to madness.

Only lazy and ineffective people will hire maid to take care their housekeeping.

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