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How many are true students?

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I wonder why foreigners come to Malaysia to study in the low standard public universities? Our PM and ministers’ sons and daughters all are studying in overseas is undisputed testimony on low standard in the local universities.

How many Nigerians come here with student pass and set up their international email scam syndicate? How many China dolls come here with student pass to learn English?

Probably less than 50% foreign students in Malaysia are genuine students in the branches of foreign universities and local universities.

M’sia is 11th most sought after by international students

GEORGE TOWN: Malaysia is the 11th most sought after country for tertiary education among international students, said Private Higher Education Institutions deputy director-general Datin Dr Siti Hamisah Tapsir.

She said Malaysia now accounts for two per cent of the international student population around the world.

“Until June 2011, the number of international students in Malaysia has exceeded 90,000 people and the Higher Education Ministry targets 200,000 international students by 2020,” she said at a function with northern region private universities.

She said the increasing number of international students in the country was supported by the higher education […]