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Kudos to PM Najib for no flip-flopping on the foreign worker freeze decision

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The freeze should not limited to foreign workers, household maids from Indonesia and other countries also need to be included in the list as well.

Cheap labor is not just hindering Malaysia leaps into high-income society. Many Indians and other disadvantaged groups are sidelined for the employment opportunities.

Billions of foreign currency are siphoned out to their home countries each year is a huge price to Malaysia for over-dependent on the foreign workers.

Besides, we have to consider social cost like foreign workers are bringing back new and old diseases to Malaysia. TB is a good example which was under controlled in Malaysia before 90s. Unfortunately, TB is coming back to Malaysia mainly due to the influx of foreign workers.

TB bacteria’s spores can hibernate in the carrier’s body for years undetected. Medical screening is unable to detect TB carriers and prevent them from landing in our Bolehland.

Still no to Bangladeshi workers

PORT OF SPAIN (Trinidad and Tobago): The freeze on the intake of Bangladeshi workers will stay despite a request from their government for a review of the decision, said Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak.

Najib conveyed this to his […]