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The rape on forests by PR Kedah government

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As usual those idiotic PR supporters will blame Ths Star for misreported the issues.

PR Kedah is suck since the day one, they have came out tons of ridiculous policies, and many of them are anti-Chinese and Indians.

How could the state government allocate 60% annual budget for a new university? That is beyond rational thinking!

Kedah PR government has to cut down forests to cover huge deficits in the budget regardless the adverse consequences to environment.

PR Kedah should be kicked out in the GE 13 to serve a lesson to PR that incompetence and fanatic is not accepted.

Timber! Kedah’s crying hills keep dying By EMBUN MAJID and KOW KWAN YEE

Logging in: Mohd Johari listening to villagers’ concerns during his visit to Bukit Perangin Forest Reserve in Changlun.

JITRA: Even as the issue of extensive logging activities in Pedu and Gunung Inas in Kedah remains very much in the news, yet another hill in the state has been found stripped of its forests.

An area covering 145ha about the size of 180 football fields at the Bukit Perangin Forest Reserve has been cleared of trees for timber.