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Foxconn invests USD1 billion in Indonesia...It's a tragedy for Foxconn

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My only advice is Foxconn will regret later because they do not know the actual investment climate in Indonesia. Many foreign investors be fooled for the cheap labor cost in Indonesia, but they will find out later that Indonesian workers are the “king” to run their factories.

The workers will decide the pay through wildcat strike and using mobs and police to beat up expats.

Good luck, Foxconn. I bet Foxconn will pull out from Indonesia in less than five years.

Foxconn to invest $1 billion in Indonesia for a manufacturing plant By: Sahil ‘Bones’ Gupta | Jul 19th, 2012 at 01:27PM

Foxconn is slated to invest around $1 billion for a manufacturing plant in Indonesia that is also expected to create over a million jobs in the country. Previously, Foxconn was contemplating between Malaysia and Vietnam for the new plant, but decided against it after looking at the growth rate of Indonesia and its natural resources. Currently, Foxconn is in talks with the Indonesian Ministry of Industry.

Foxconn, of course is not only the world’s largest manufacturer of consumer electronics but is also known for manufacturing fabled Apple products like […]