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Why I shun Microsoft Outlook Express, a poor software bundled with MS Operating System after 5 years of usage?

The advantages of Foxmail client are

– Foxmail client can be installed in thumb drive for mobility.

– Better and intelligent spamming filters (Bayes algorithm) built in the Foxmail client.

– Support IMAP besides POP3 protocol.

– Support RSS.

– Support multiple accounts with its own separate folder. No more mess-up for incoming emails from different accounts.

– More.

You have to explore yourself, and you will regret for not using this email client much earlier. 🙂

Basically Foxmail client is a Chinese software, but with a tweak on Chinese.lgb to English.lgb will change its interface to English language as the below screen capture from my PC.

Look up for this file “Chinese.lgb” under the foxmail folder, then rename “Chinese.lgb” to “English.lgb”. The interface will be changed to English language.

Besides, delete FoxmailUpdate.exe if you prefer no online update for better security protection.

Where to download?Foxmail Client

Beware the downloading speed is damned slow. Recommend to use Getright or Thunder (China software) to download.

Install the software as usual, then change the Chinese.lgb […]