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Free Malaysia Today is the mother of hypocrisy in media freedom

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I would like to inform people and Malaysia news editors that Free Malaysia Today has blocked my right to express my views in its comment without reason after I complained FMT is using racist remark against Chinese.

Besides, I will post FMT censorship action in social media and blog to expose the hypocrisy of in freedom of expression.

FMT is the mother of hypocrisy in media freedom. Do not crying like a baby when you are sued by anyone or government for reporting news in future, I would say you reserve for it.

Shame on Free Malaysia Today.

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Dear all editors,

FMT editor, please stop using racist tone like “China Dolls” in below news article.

Do you use India dolls when Indian girls are arrested for vice activities? Do you use Indon dolls when Indonesian girls are arrested by police.

Such racist remark also being used by The Star, Malaysia Kini, Bernama, etc. Please be more professionalism in your reporting […]