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A politician in private business may be a disaster

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Her infamous fame in the Chinese community will adversely affecting her business like Titiwangsa UMNO’s Pepsi Cola.

May be Jessei Ooi, “the sister of car towing” is targeting her water filter business in the Malay and MCA markets.

Local active politician will lose 1/3 of potential customers if his/her business is made known to public.

Jessei Ooi may lose 50% customer base with her infamous new fame.

Company ventures into filters that produce ionised water


AFTER being in the water filter industry for more than 13 years, Jessie Ooi Hui Wen put her background and knowledge to good use when she started her own water filter business.

Ooi, who is the managing director of FRG Corporation Sdn Bhd, started her venture two years ago and said the company produced the e-ions water filter brand.

She brought in technology from Japan and South Korea and adopted it to create the e-ions water filter.

She said Japan and South Korea had been using this technology for more than four decades.

Easy installation: Ooi showing how the filter is hooked up to the water supply.

Easy installation: Ooi showing how the […]