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SPR keeps a blind eye on vote buying in the broad daylight at Penang

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No democratic country in the world allows such open vote buying with cash during the election campaigning period except Malaysia under the BN.

SPR did nothing to stop the rape on our democracy.

SPR is a BN political tool to defeat PR with double voting, phantom votes and vote buying with money.

What the fuck 1Malaysia flags are allowed to be erected in Penang? 1Malaysia is not a contesting party in the election, SPR also total silent on 1Malaysia mafia’s illegal practices in providing free meals, free concerts, lucky draws and cash awards.

These practices ara all illegal under the Election Act, but SPR is fucking silence about 1Malaysia Mafia.

SPR has gone bankrupt in its credibility and a shame to the nation and the king.

If Lim Guan Eng is losing in Air Putih, every electorate in Air Putih who registered with 1Malaysia Mafia will be given RM3,000 cash.

I urge Penang Chinese do not sell your soul to money and thus make the Chinese a bad name, the money faced race.

I hereby decide to withdraw my bashing on Lim Guan Eng should not be a Penang chief minister because making […]