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My last donation to welfare organisation was 15 year ago

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Workers for these fund collection companies enjoy luxurious lifestyle with easy money from good Samaritans.

I was cheated by a so-called old folk care center in Penang at about 15 year ago. They came to my apartment with all genuine documents to ask residents for donations. A Chinese man quickly issued a receipt for RM50 which was against my RM10 donation plea. They pursued me to make up RM50 which I agreed finally for such a welfare donation.

I had checked the address given by the workers in the next day, and found out no such office in the George town. Have stopped donating to any welfare organization since the incident.

The same scam is still happening now and their operation is growing to nationwide.

Another BN project for lack of enforcement in tackling this issue.

Even they are genuine and legal fund raising agents for welfare organizations, only 10% of your donations are channeled to welfare bodies and remaining 90% fund are ended up as lucrative commissions for agents

There are always good heart persons who think they are doing right thing by donating money to these fund collection […]