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Alternative Medicine: Herbal treatment for fungal infections

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I do not know the actual name for this tree, but many old folks call it sapin. This plant is a quite common species in the rural area, and usually growth on the sandy soil.

The extraction of the leave can cure stubborn fungal infections which I have trial it on a decade old fungal infection on my right leg. I had applied anti-fungal cream and sapin leave extraction alternatively. The result of a month long treatment is amazing, the stubborn fungal infection on my leg is fully cured and no recurrence after six months period.

Do not overlook and undermine traditional herbal medicine used by our ancestors. There are other successful cases on using sapin leave extraction to cure stubborn fungal infections.

I hope local pharmaceutical companies can do a scientific clinical test on its curing recipe and patent it before foreign companies grab our herbal heritage.

This tree is planted in the backyard of my kampong home.