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Malaysian traditional game :: Galah Panjang or Long Pole

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Galah Panjang

The game is played by at least four players in each attack and defence team. The playing ground is consisting of a grid of six rectangles draw on the sandy field, but a badminton court is an ideal field as the grids are already drawn.

The rule of game is a team is attackers while another team is defenders, usually the role is decided by throwing a coin or a scissor-stone-cloth bet.

The body of attackers must always inside the grid. The attack team can attack individually or in group, all depending on the strategic plan chartered out by the captain.

The captain of defenders guards the middle line while other members will guard the parallel lines.

The attackers will attempt to break the defence lines without being touched or tapped by the defenders, it’s considered dead or game over for the attacker once he/she is touched by the defender and has to be removed from the game.

At least an attacker has to break through the last defence line to be declared as the winning team. If the attacker side is losing, then the defender team will take […]