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Indian gangsters terrorizing Penang and Malaysia

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The fact is 7% Indian has contributed to 50% crime in Malaysia is a serious problem.

Malaysia is turning into a nation of crime with the help of Indian gangsters and foreign students under a corrupt police force.

You may wonder why no Singaporean gangsters in Singapore? The solution is simple, Singapore government will put hardcore gangsters in jail for life.

Malaysia solution is more CCTVs, more policemen, more guarded communities, etc.

The root cause of all problems is CORRUPTION from top to bottom.

Tourism sparks gang revival Criminals return to cash in on island’s booming economy

by A. Sangeetha Location: GEORGE TOWN

WANTED: Police are looking for these men to assist in their investigations

THE lucrative business spawned by growing tourism has caused the return of gangsterism in Penang, says the state’s deputy chief police officer, SAC II Datuk Abdul Rahim Jaafar.

He said it has revived gangs like the “04” and “24”. “They have returned to the scene to tell people how powerful they are and are using violence to either extort money or induct people to join their gangs,” he said.

“They are also linked to syndicated activities like […]