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Garbage in Garbage out

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I remember Prof. Emeritus Khoo Kay Kim said something like this in a TV interview, “Our new students in the universities scored all As, but they know nothing in everything.”

The childish responses from the Green Perkasa without scientific reasoning is also reinforced my old perception that Malaysia education is a garbage in garbage out recycle system.

I doubt how many students can do self-study for additional mathematics nowadays. I just did that during my Form Four and proved my headmaster was wrong for saying no student could take additional mathematics subject without the guidance and coaching from a qualified math teacher.

Malaysia in need of quality human capital: Noh Mohamed

KEPALA BATAS, Dec 9 (Bernama) — Malaysia was in need of highly-skilled and quality human capital to face future global challenges, as well as efforts to become a high-income nation, said Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Tan Sri Nor Mohamed Yakcop.

Therefore, he said the government continued to commit in providing various facilities and infrastructures at educational institutions, including schools, to ensure each student was given a comfortable learning process.

“Besides that, the government has provided programmes and incentives […]