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BN would win 2/3 IF the Chinese not overwhelmingly voted for PR

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The BN corrupt regime will take 2/3 as the mandate for UMNO to rob the nation wealth like Lim Guan Eng riding on Penangites 2/3 supports to legitimize his dubious undersea tunnel.

Malaysian Chinese have done a good job to deny BN’s 2/3 goal.

Malaysian Chinese are not fooled by DAP, they have voted in unison and conscious to reject BN especially MCA.

I, unlike PR to cheat rakyat for a false hope, I have predicted no change of government in GE13 unless at least 40% Malays are thinking like Chinese to kick out corrupt regime.

Less than 30% Malay supports PR is the main cause of Ubah failed in the GE13.

I do not hope Indians and East Malaysia natives will support PR, a packet of rice and a few hundred ringgit will buy their votes.

Don’t give up, with more young voters coming in 2018, more voters will vote PR if PR performance can convince the rakyat that PR is a better alternative to BN.

IF PR performs like BN, BN will stay on for another 56 years.

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