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Gender equal rights non-exist

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I heard a lot of gender equal rights demanded by woman, but in reality a man will be discriminated by his wife if her income is higher than him. Our society is still seeing this phenomenon as abnormal.

While higher earning husband in a family is considered normal.

I know some real cases, a wife will use abusive verbal attack on a “weak” or jobless husband. In 97’s financial crisis, a 30++ jobless guy chose to sit in coffee shop for a whole day instead of seeing his wife at home, his black hairs turned grey in a few months.

25% female graduates in Singapore remain single for life because they are only looking for men with equal or better earning power.

Hubbies fall victim to abuse of high-earning, dominant spouses By P. ARUNA and YUEN MEIKENG

PETALING JAYA: Earning less than your wife can be hazardous to your wellbeing as quite a number of men have discovered.

Although incidents of wives abusing husbands rarely appear in the media, the Welfare Department has been receiving cases of men being mistreated by dominant women every year.

Many of the culprits are women who […]