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Muar Eco-Tourism :: Prawn Fishing at Muar River

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There are several boat renting facilities along Muar river’s middle and upper stream from Bukit Pasir to Bukit Kepong. The stretch of Muar River is abundant with tiger prawns especially at the certain period.

This is one of the boat renting centers (not sure it’s legal registered with ROC and marine police) at Gersik Town.

GPS: 2.207448N, 102.710109E

The boat renting center in Gersik is operated by a Malay businessman and their contact is listed on the banner at the wooden jetty. Usually, advance booking for boat is not needed.

Do you notice there is a concrete jetty which was built by the British Colonial government before World War 1? Local old folks said the jetty is older than them, the actual erection date could be more than 100 year ago.

Those old jetties in Muar River built by British lasted for a very long time unlike new jetties built by BN government which are never lasted for more than 10 year. Panchur new jetty is a good example which was washed away a few years later.

I prefer to say British old engineers in non-IT age are smarter than engineers hired by BN government.