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Giri, you are hero to save our trees

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Your action speaks louder than many empty talks by environmental NGOs in preserving our green environment.

Man hugs trees to prevent them from being chopped down

Story and photo by EDWARD R. HENRY

A MAN’S bold move to hug trees to save them from being felled by the Petaling Jaya City Council (MBPJ) has resulted in the local authority rethinking its decision and preserving the trees.

The “tree hugger” known as just Giri would hug trees when MBPJ workers arrive to chop them down.

The city council has now resorted to trimming the trees instead of chopping them down.

“I just love trees. A few months ago, I hugged five big Yellow Flame trees in Petaling Jaya for half an hour just to save them from being chopped down,” he said.

Man with a love for trees: Giri hugging a tree in SS7, Petaling Jaya, in a bid to save it from being chopped down.