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Another Boleh! Vietnam internet speed is twice faster than Malaysia

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Malaysia is first country in South East Asia connected to internet superhighway in 1993 by Jaring, but the complacency and anti-competition business policy have dragged our feet to compete with the outside world.

The latest development and progress in the internet download speed benchmarking is a wake-up to Malaysia, we either buck up or kick up by our external competitors.

Let’s forget to compare Malaysia with Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong, etc., they already sprung to a higher tier in the cyber world.

I just do a quick check on the latest internet download speed data available at, and I shaking my head in disbelief after seeing these below data.

Malaysia average downloading speed 179 KB/s, is a baseline to compare with our third world neighboring countries,

>China is 1.4X faster

>Thailand is 1.5X faster

>Vietnam is 2X faster

The consolidation price for Malaysia is our internet speed is still 1.4X faster than Indonesia, maybe this is the last feel good factor for our national IT policy makers.

This is only for downloading speed benchmarking, the broadband unit price is another burden for Malaysians. For instance, China internet broadband unit price […]