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Frog in the hot water syndrom will destroy the human survival

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Almost all nations except a few European nations are giving empty promise to cut down C02 emission.

United States (18.27%) and China (23.53%) already contributed to 42% CO2 emission, unfortunately no sign of CO2 reduction in these two nations.

France with highly dependent on nuclear power (75% of total power requirement) only contribute 1.26% C02 emission.

The global warming is like a frog in the hot water and the climate will hit the non-return threshold point without being noticed by the humankind. It’s too late when we humankind find the earth is no longer habitable.

West Antarctica Warming Three Times Faster Than Global Average, Threatening To Destabilize This Unstable Ice Sheet

This is a repost of a National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR) news release (plus links and excerpts from other recent studies at the end).

BOULDER—In a finding that raises further concerns about the future contribution of Antarctica to sea level rise, a new study finds that the western part of the continent’s ice sheet is experiencing nearly twice as much warming as previously thought. Researchers have determined that the central region of the West Antarctic Ice Sheet (WAIS) […]