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Gluten-Free Diets? Research Says it Contains No Nutrition!

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By Sarah Thomas

Glutten free diets have become very popular these days because of the belief that they have a lot of health benefits. However, a University of Florida nutrition expert said that it would be quite surprising to note that none of these beliefs have any scientific base and are not supported by research.

Karla Shelnutt, a UF assistant professor in family, youth and community sciences stated that about 1 percent of the US population which accounts to those suffering from celiac disease are required to follow the gluten-free diet as it’s the only treatment for their condition. But what most people are unaware of is that the diet does not contain essential nutrients that have to be substituted with a multivitamin supplement.

“If I’m a college student, and I want to lose weight, and I read on the Internet that a gluten-free diet is the way to go, I may start avoiding products that contain essential nutrients such as those found in cereal grains fortified with folic acid,” Shelnutt said.

The problem she states is that many healthy women go in for gluten free diets thinking it would make them healthier […]