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Why Google misses Malaysia for its data center setup?

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Because internet backbone in Malaysia is stink and suck.

Even Vietnam has a better internet infrastructure than Bolehland.

UPDATE: Google To Build Three Data Centers In Asia, Investment To Exceed $200M

–Google plans to build 3 data centers in Asia with investment exceeding $200 million

–Google says the move will help provide faster access to its services and customers in the region

By Yun-Hee Kim


HONG KONG (Dow Jones)–Google Inc. (GOOG) said Wednesday it will build its own data centers in Asia with an investment of more than $200 million as the U.S. Internet search giant looks to provide faster and more secure access to its services and customers that are growing in this region.

Google plans to build a data center in Singapore, Taiwan and Hong Kong and has acquired land in each country, the company said in a statement. Data centers house computer, telecommunications and storage systems and typically include backup power supplies and security devices.