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Green meal makes you healthy and younger like me

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This is my dinner set I prepare for today, the pineapple is not in the photo. I assume these vegetables, egg and apple are safe for consumption, hopefully.

The dinner set will be steamed to ripe first before I blend it into a porridge or soup form for ease of digestion.

If you want to look 10 years younger and healthy like me, always eat the green food and be happy like Ah-Q everyday.

My bad habits are late sleeping and lack of exercise, otherwise may be looked 15 years younger than my biological age. 🙂

Avoid these health damage activities at all costs,

– Smoking. I have seen a 38-year old heavy smoker friend was hospitalized for stroke.

– Alcohol. Beer is out, but controlled wine consumption is fine for health.

– Minimum meats consumption especially red meat.

– Don’t eating out.