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DAP dinner gathering in my new village, after 30++ year lapsed

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This gathering was held on 19 Sept 2011 in a Chinese temple in my new village, attended only by a few high profile DAP leaders like Selangor Assembly Speaker, Teng. This faction of DAP is not the golden boy of Lim Kit Siang.

I was still in the primary school if my memory is correct during the DAP last dinner gathering.

The last DAP gathering in my new village was in 30++ year ago, attended by Lim Kit Siang, P. Patu, Lee Lam Thai, Lee Ban Cheng, etc. They all were in 30 to 40 year prime age when they came to my village to launch DAP new branch, but sadly only Lim Kit Siang is still active in politics, others are either defected, sacked or death.

DAP and other opposition parties only wake up from the hibernation mode once every five years in new villages. Unlikely old villagers will vote PR after a prolong soliciting by MCA.

BN always get 50-60% rural and suburban Chinese votes in Johor is a good payback for MCA grassroots campaign.

Take my words seriously, PR will never win in Johor with its NATO [No Action, […]