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A new technique to cultivate cucumber from Agriculture Minister

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The agriculture ministry had spent hundred millions ringgit in finding a new technique to grow bigger cucumbers. They finally found out a simple new technique.

The technique is the farmers have to spell loudly and repeatedly this sacred incantation invented by our Agriculture Minister, “Big big like cow one, long long like goat one” when the seedlings are planted.

The farmers followed this new technique diligently, and the yield of cucumbers is awesome. The average size of cucumber is 6 inches big in diameter and 20 inches long.

A widow in a kampong was too shy to spell this incantation openly, nevertheless she was brilliantly found a new way to spell it out, “Same like our minister one”.

But it was very strange, the cucumbers from her farmland are unlike big and long cucumbers from other farmers, the average size is like a chili padi.

Why? The widow asked.

A post-mortem by an expert panel says there is nothing wrong with the new technique, the widow’s cucumber size is matching our minister one.

[Disclaimer: The joke is not a real story.]