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Another lie from DAP. GST abolishment is not in the PR manisfesto

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DAP only opposes GST before election, PR will implement GST to collect more taxes like BN after GE13 if they win. Don’t believe white lie from Liew Chin Tong.

GST abolishment is not listed in the PR manifesto and Orange Book.

DAP is a well-known chameleon from its past track records.

1. DAP condemned MCA exco and parliament members for wearing songkok before 308, but they have done the same after 308.

2. DAP condemned Gerakan for appointing a UMNO deputy chief minister before 308, but LGE appointed two, not one after he was made Chief Minister in Penang after 308.

3. DAP condemned Jawi language was used in the road sign by BN government, but DAP consented Jawi language can be used under the freedom of expression after 308.

4. DAP condemned 30% quota for housing, but DAP supported 70% bumi housing quota in Kedah and Kelantan after 308.

5. DAP condemned Melaka BN for demolishing pig farm, but it supported PKR to do the same in Selangor after 308.

6. DAP condemned BN for quota system in scholarship, but it supported PR Selangor to do the same after 308.

7. DAP […]