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Money saving tip :: Eat guava instead of kiwi fruit for vitamin C

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By NKKhoo

The smart consumer tips are my money saving tips series with our shoestring budget without compromising the safety, value and quality of any product or service we acquired.

Vitamin C is an important water-based antioxidant agent besides for maintaining healthy gums in our mouth and other cell metabolism.

A big guava costs less than RM 1.50 and consuming a quarter of each fruit per day can provide enough vitamin C for our body. Each 100 grams guava provides 380% daily need of vitamin C.

The fruit is low calories and low fats, alternative for rice for those in weight trimming program. Guava also has all nutrition available in kiwi fruit like calcium, phosphorus, magnesium and potassium.

You can take a kiwi fruit (about 75 grams) each day for your vitamin C need since each 100 grams of kiwi fruit provides 154% daily need of vitamin C.

The drawback is each kiwi fruit costs about RM1.5 and it’s an imported goods which has bigger carbon footprint and outflow of foreign exchange.

In term of money wise, you only need to spend RM3 per week for guava compared with RM10 per week for […]