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Stop the talibanization of 1Malaysia food festival

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After Plus highway R&R is made only halal food center for all Malaysians and foreign tourists, now these overzealous religious bigots turn to 1Malaysia food festival to create another halal heaven.

Prior to Plus R&R pork free food center, all canteens in the secondary schools with the presence of Muslim students are also being converted to halal food heaven.

Can any legal expert tells me under what clause of Malaysia constitution says only halal food can be served when there are Muslim customers?

If these Muslim officials (and MCA the UMNO machai) suggest no pork is a kind of religious sensitivity issue.

How about the same sensitivity for some Buddhists and Hindus who have no eating any meat and beef is no respected as well in Plus R&R and 1Malaysia food festival?

Former Tourism Minister, Ng Yen Yen should voice out her opinion on this issue.

If PM Najib is truly preaching 1Malaysia concept, non-halal food should be prepared and cooked openly to tell the world that Malaysia Muslims are not paranoid stock and open enough to eat halal food side by side with non-Muslims who are eating pork dishes.

Many people outside Kelantan […]