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What is wrong with this Malay song, Harapan Bangsa?

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Donkeys, do not like the song, don’t listen it.

The singer is a Christian, what she or he is wrong to pray for goodness for all races under the blessing of Jesus.

I had listened to Muslim pray in every Friday’s gathering during my secondary school days for the goodness of all races under the blessing of Allah.

Perkasa racists, what do you say about “doa” in the school’s weekly gathering?

Do you mean non-Muslims can be blessed by Allah, but Muslims cannot be blessed by Jesus or Buddha?

In order to please Perkasa, Buddhists or Christians have to pray like this in future, “Buddha or Jesus is blessing all human races with peace except Malays in Malaysia”.

I am not sure the praying is a form of discrimination against Malays or not. 🙂

Perkasa maintains boycott over Malay-language Christian song The Malaysian Insider – Sun, Oct 28, 2012

By Ida Lim

KUALA LUMPUR, Oct 28 — Perkasa insists Muslims nationwide must blackball popular singer Jaclyn Victor for singing “Harapan Bangsa”, a Malay-language Christian song that the hardline Malay rights group claims is an insult to Islam in the […]