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What is next western products in Melaka heritage zone? Playboy Cafe or what?

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Except for pure commercial reason, I see no benefit to enrich Melaka cultural heritage with a Hard Rock Cafe in Jonker Street. Of course this is just another UMNO money making business regardless its bad consequences to Melaka world heritage status.

Local and foreign visitors come to Melaka to see big guitar? What is next western products to be introduced to Melaka? Playboy Cafe with bunny girls?

Read the press statement from Badan Warisan against the Hard Rock project,

Write your protest to local newspapers, Melaka governemt, Unesco, etc.

Your small action can make thing different, don’t talk and no action.

This is my letter to persons in the contact list., you can use or modify it.

Contact list: The Star – editor AT Melaka State Tourism Department – asmaliana AT Tourism Ministry – Ng Yen Yen’s Facebook Unesco Asia Pacific – f.jing AT ICOMOS (Agency to audit Melaka) secretariat AT

Sub: Hard Rock Cafe is not a right cultural product in the Melaka Heritage Zone

Seems Melaka authorities is not learning any lesson from Starbucks pullout from the Forbidden City in China for its odd image and mismatching […]