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What to do with bad sectors harddisk? Any solution?

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I think I should share with my readers about this matter, buying a new harddisk is not an option with its price increases almost 200% after flooding in Thailand.

The Windows will always hang with blue screen or stop working at all if the bad section problem is serious.

I used to do low level reformat with IBM disk manager for IDE harddisk, but this software is no longer available for SATA harddisk. Free disk manager, Acronis True Imange from WD or Seagate only can do zero formatting, not repairing or mask out bad sectors in your harddisk.

If your Windows is still working, go to drive letter for the said harddisk, right click to bring out a window, click on [Properties], then [Tools], and then [Error-checking]. Click on a [Check now] button, and tick both disk options.

In case your Windows already crash, transfer the harddisk to another computer, do above error-checking procedure will able to reuse and extend the life of your harddisk.

I have to use an external harddisk enclosure (cost me about RM80) attached to my netbook to rescue my clashed PC harddisk because I lazy to visit […]