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WD Hard disk is very suck...already returned two hard disks due to bad sectors

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WD new hard disk is worst than 3-year old hard disk, there was bad sector issue every day and Windows XP stopped working if a few critical files corrupted. Have reinstalled Windows XP three times for last three days. I suspect WD new hard disk media is reconditioned or rework unit.

The computer shop [PC Zone] exchanged another WD harddisk for me without question ask today [30 June 2012] after I told them media bad sectors problem.

The second WD hard disk also showing bad sectors after less than 24 hour of testing. Returned second hard disk on 11 July, 2012.

Third new WD hard disk also found with bad sectors during hard disk cloning process. Will ask for full refund after the third return, enough is enough.

My three years old WD Sata harddisk was low level reformatted for five times, and the frequency to encounter bad sector is too much too bear. I have to reformat and reinstall harddisk in weekly basis lately and the cycle time can be from 6 -8 hour long. Thus I decided to buy a new WD harddisk to replace aging one.

I remembered harddisk […]