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Stop building hawker stalls in Taiping Lake Garden

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The hawker stalls project in Taiping Lakes is canceled according to Deputy Minister for Domestic Trade, Co-operative and Consumerism, Dato Seri’ Tan Lian Hoe. As usual, only UMNO got the final say in BN. The outcome of this project is still pending.

The Star only picked up the tussle after more than one week. Surprisingly, my blog is mentioned by The Star.

Write your complaints to on this matter.

Online feedback form of Taiping Municipal Council,

Taiping Municipal Council will call a meeting on Thursday [19 July 2012] with various parties to decide the fate on this project.

Go show up yourself at Taiping Municipal Council Office if you are in Taiping and local residents to preserve the beauty of Taiping Lake.

The idiot from BN government is destroying the tranquility and beauty of Taiping Lake Garden.

Can you imagine hawker stalls are built right behind the row of iconic rain trees in Taiping Lake? The picturesque rain trees scenery would be spoiled by the presence of hawker center and eating crowds.

Besides, the roots of rain trees will be adversely affected by these buildings and may shorten its lifespan.

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