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Bewarn Hindraf, do not repeat the same mistake as Chinese

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We Chinese community was stabbed from behind by Dr. Mahathir after the GE 10 in 1999. About 90% Chinese had supported BN to defeat Barisan Alternative, otherwise BN might be lost to BA who was supported by 70% Malays.

All promises or appeals given to Chinese before GE 10 were void and null, and we Chinese were also being labeled as the communist opportunists by Dr. Mahathir for asking too many appeals [诉求 or sù qíu in Chinese language] from UMNO.

The Chinese voters are swung to opposition afterward without looking back and the pendulum phenomenon in Chinese voters is also a history.

Hindraf, if you think by playing double faces or double heads snake ball game will gain more for Indians, you will probably wrong.

Outcome 1: Hindraf leaders will be arrested and put in jail after the election by BN government if BN wins GE 13. The promises given to Indians will be like all empty promises given to Chinese in 1999.

Outcome 2: Hindraf’s appeals will be rubbished by PR government for its fence sitting stance if PR wins GE 13.

A leopard cannot change its spots is […]