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You trust the snake rather than UMNO

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These Indians had never learned the thorny lesson received by we Chinese after 1999’s GE.

Serve you right, Waytha for selling out your sour to UMNO before last GE.

Hindraf’s Waytha says he had 16 meetings with PM but no progress

by dina murad

PETALING JAYA: Hindu Rights Action Force (Hindraf) Chairman and former Deputy Minister P. Waythamoorthy says he had more than 16 meetings with Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak with no progress made.

“I wish to state that over the last eight months, I had at least 16 meetings with (the PM). In each of these meetings, I kept pushing for the naming of the new Unit which he promised I was going to head as well as the necessary budget that was agreed,” he clarified.

Waytha cited the failure to uphold promises stipulated in an MOU signed by Barisan National and Hindraf on April 18 2013 as the reason behind his resignation from the Government.

“I have done this (tendered resignation) after months of constantly and patiently trying to work out the details of the MOU that BN signed with Hindraf,” said Waytha.

On Feb 10, Waythamoorthy submitted […]