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Xavier Jayakumar must be axed to save PR's integrity

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1. First, he defended Sepang Municipal Council by saying the Hindu altar is an illegal structure.

2. Then, he blamed Hindu Sangam for not educating Hindu followers that altar is an illegal structure.

3. Now, he blamed Sepang Municipal Council’s officials for suspicion of sabotage.

He only realized there was sabotage after three weeks.

What the next he is going to blame?

The God or the hammer or the reporter misreported his statement.

For a right thinking exco, he should first investigate the demolition is legal or not within a week before he blamed the house owner and Hindu Sengam.

Dr Xavier: Sepang council investigating if altar demolition was deliberate sabotage by certain officers By TEH ENG HOCK

SHAH ALAM: Selangor executive councillor Dr Xavier Jayakumar said Monday that as the recent demolition of a Hindu altar within the premises of a house in Sepang was not sanctioned by Sepang Municipal Council (MPSp), the suspicion of sabotage has arisen.

The council has been given two weeks to get to the bottom of it.

“The action taken by certain officers was unilateral. There is reason to suspect this action is bordering sabotage,” […]