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No Buddhist temple and church in Putrajaya too

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Putrajaya is a new township after Shah Alam with NO non-Muslim worshiping places are planned in its master plan.

Mahathir believed that those non-Malays visit, stay or work in Putrajaya are either communists or atheists.

Although non-Malays in Klang Valley is about 50% or more, and no worshiping place for non-Muslims in Putrajaya is telling that

1. Mahathir is a fascist. His true color is only being exposed after he relinquished PM post.

2. UMNO is a racist and apartheid advocator.

3. MCA and MIC are second class component parties in the BN with no influence to shape national policies.

Hindu temple is only allowed now after UMNO sensing that BN will be defeated without the strong support from Indians.

Thai Muslims get the funding from Thai government to build mosques whereas Indian and Chinese in Malaysia have to raise their own fund. At worst, no worshiping place is permitted at all.

Sister Listen will suggest, “Why not you move to Thailand?”

Temple for Putrajaya By JOSEPH SIPALAN

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