UMNO Kills Chiness Biz >>>

How UMNO take over rice milling and distribution businesses of the Chinese held companies

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Original title: 龙珠香米 摘自 正义之声

A case study on Dragon and Pearl Fragrant Rice

Briefly, this article sets out to describe how BN Govt., using the legislation and economic powers, to erode and eventually take over the rice milling and distribution businesses of the Chinese held companies.

In the eighties, the rice market was mainly controlled by the Chinese carrying such brand names, e.g. Dragon and Pearl,Jasmine, etc. Robert Kuok was then one of the biggest dealers of rice. Mahathir, in pursuit of the NEP policy, instituted the requirement of obtaining APs for the import of the most commodities. The import of Chinese oranges during the CNY festive period was included in this exercise.

Shortly after, the rice market was also targeted by the setting up of Bernas National Bhd. to oversee this policy. Import permits held by the Chinese were rescinded with Bernas being replaced as the sole importer instead. The price of rice was then dictated by Bernas henceforth. All production of padi must only be delivered and sold to Bernas.

Bernas was originally a Government entity. Later, it was divested to Rosmah’s family connections. Having taken over this monopoly, […]