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These homeless people are Malaysians

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I did mention this below phenomenon before as seen by this student. DBKL and police will take action to chase out these homeless people after this letter published in the Star, you should wait for one or two weeks if you want to take photos for evidence.

Thank BN government who brought in 5 million foreign workers to force our people jobless and homeless.

Malaysia is a heaven to foreign labors and upper income Malaysians, but it’s a hell to many Malaysians with low or no academic qualifications.

Malaysians are not just falling into the middle-income trap, indeed many unfortunate ones are trapped in the low-income bracket under BN’s foreign labor friendly policy.

Another world record achieved by Bodohland is the most foreign workers per capita [Over 20% population], besides the most public servants per capita in the world.

Homeless nuisance near Kota Raya

I AM a student who occasionally passes through the Kota Raya area to get a bus.

Lately however, I notice that there are quite a number of homeless people loitering or sleeping around the open area.

When taking the pedestrian bridge, one can see blankets and other […]