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Mainland and Hong Kong Chinese are rude and uncivilized

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A little girl eating in the coach sparked a heated quarrel. I did see a similar quarrel between a Hong Kong man and a mainland lady in the sea port waiting area when I visited Macau several years ago.

As a foreigner, I see both sides having attitude problem.

The Chinese woman could just asked her daughter to stop eating after the HK man told her that eating is not allowed in the train. Obviously, Chinese Mainlander’s civil consciousness is quite low.

Hong Kong people are also rude and impatient generally, my taxi driver also got angry after my luggage slightly hit his car bumper.

I doubt they could understand each other with one speaking Cantonese while another one speaking Mandarin. Alike a duck is speaking with a chicken.

I had never seen any such quarrel in the Singapore MRT during my few years stay in kiasuland. No sure KL LRT passengers are civilized as kiasu, but I believe Malaysians do not have such open quarrel culture except Perkasa.